Decolonising DMU

Peer-reviewed paper

Hall, R., Ansley, L., Connolly, P., Loonat, S., Patel, K., and Whitham, B. (2021). Struggling for the anti-racist university: learning from an institution-wide response to curriculum decolonisation. Teaching in Higher Education, Special IssuePossibilities and complexities of decolonising higher education: critical perspectives on praxis. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2021.1911987 and

RESOURCE: Research

DRAFT self-auditing guide for Research Centres and Institutes – applying a decolonising lens.

Freedom to Achieve

Project Evaluation Report 2018

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Atkins, L. (2018) Freedom to Achieve: Project Evaluation Report. Leicester: DMU

RESOURCE: Co-creation Schedules

In order to test out the design and organisation of the programme-level co-creation events, a short pilot was devised and implemented in April 2018. During the institution-wide co-creation events, four themes were identified and highlighted around the room via boards, with post-it notes and pens available for students and staff to capture their discussions and ideas related to each theme:

  • Curriculum
  • Environment
  • Development
  • Community and Belonging

A schedule was devised, to provide a structure for the sessions and equip the project team with prompts for students and staff.

Pilot Programme Co-Creation Events (PDF)

Pilot Programme Co-Creation Events (Word)

Addressing the attainment gap through student and staff co-creation

Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Special Issue

Ansley, L. and Hall, R. (2019) Freedom to Achieve: addressing the attainment gap through student and staff co-creation. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol 12 (1)

RESOURCE: Co-Creation at DMU Guide

During her time working with the project as a Student Curriculum Advisor, Gabriella collaborated with fellow students and staff to create a guide to co-creation for DMU. The guide shares an overview of what we mean at DMU when we talk about co-creation, best practices examples from across campus and tips for getting started.

Otim-Oyet, G. (2019) Co-creation at DMU. Leicester: De Montfort University

Co-Creation Guide 2019

Student Voice Summary 2019

Read the report here

Ansley, L. (2019) Student Voice Summary 2019. Leicester: DMU