Reading Resource lists

Reading in preparation for Decolonising workshops at DMU

A more extensive reading list on attainment gap, race in HE and Decolonising DMU

Reading list for staff involved in DMU’s Read to Debate series

Black Lives MatterA collection of books, journal articles and magazine content that amplifies Black voices and the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement

Other Useful Organisations – Find links to other organsations you may find useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to questions about the work of the project.

Examples of Good Practice

As part of our project work, the team have been working with colleagues across the institution to collate examples of good practice that align with the principles of Decolonising DMU. Through sharing these examples, we hope to support colleagues in understanding how decolonisation might translate into their every day practice.

Examples from colleagues

What does ‘Decolonising’ mean to staff?

One of the questions the Decolonising DMU team is frequently asked is ‘what is meant by decolonising?’ As well as providing resources in the toolkit for people to refer to, we also asked members of staff from across the institution what decolonising means to them and why they support Decolonising DMU.

Examples of staff narratives.

How to decolonise the Reading list.