Staff Work Stream

The aims of the stream are:

  • To engage in discussions with academic and professional services staff about what Decolonising DMU could look like within individual staff contexts.
  • To empower staff to take on the challenge of engaging in the journey of Decolonising DMU.
  • To develop a Community of Practice which will be an opportunity for all staff to have an involvement in shaping the agenda of Decolonising DMU.
  • To support Decolonising DMU by, for example, running workshops, drop in sessions and other events.
  • To develop a toolkit/resource which can be accessed by all staff and to give ideas about what decolonising could look like for both professional services staff and academic staff.
  • To work with the ‘Student’ and ‘Institutional’ workstreams.

The staff work stream aims to involve staff in the discussions about what Decolonising DMU looks like within different contexts in the institution and for staff to influence the direction of Decolonising DMU.  It moves away from only considering curriculum development and design, to looking at starting the journey of decolonising all aspects of work in which staff are engaged. 

In order to support and assist staff in embarking on this journey, there will be workshops, events, advice sessions, drop in sessions and the development of a toolkit/resource bank.  The Community of Practice will also be an opportunity to shape the future agenda of Decolonising DMU from a staff perspective.