Student Diary Study

The Decolonising DMU project is looking to work with students to help us to develop a better understanding of how racism affects students’ experiences on campus.

Here’s our student ambassadors with more information!

What are we doing?
We are looking for student volunteers to keep a research diary, cataloguing your life on campus, to support us in digging deeper into the issues of racism in Higher Education, and to act as real-life learning examples for staff and other students.

The project will run for six months (Jan to June) and you will receive regular support from the Decolonising DMU Research Team throughout the process.

Why a diary study?
Diary studies are seen as an empowering way to capture a diarist’s experiences as they allow you to share your experience on your own terms, decide for yourself what is of the greatest relevance and choose what you do and do not share with us. In this way, you will have control over your own story and choose what you do and do not share with us.

How will it work?
You can choose the format for your diary: typed, audio, or video – whatever works best for you. You will be asked to make a minimum of one entry per week into your diary, but can make more if you wish to. Once a month, a member of the Research Team will be in touch to make sure you have the support you need to keep up with your diary and we will collect the diary entries that you choose to submit every 3 months. Towards the end of the academic year, you will also be invited to participate in an interview to discuss your diary entries in more detail and ensure we are representing your story appropriately.

Why should I participate?
Decolonising DMU is an important journey for all students and staff and we are keen to learn from our university community throughout this process. As a student at De Montfort University, you have first-hand experience of campus life and we’d love to learn more about your time at DMU. Contribution to this study is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated by the project team.

What are the benefits for me?
Participation in the research will help the university to improve its provision for all students, regardless of their background. This research provides you with an opportunity to have your voice heard and to help shape the future of the Decolonising DMU project and the university as a whole. In recognition of your contribution to this work, all students who complete the diary study will have their work recognised on the Higher Education Achievement Report – which will be seen by future employers. You will receive a £30 gift voucher at the end of the study to say thank you for your time. There will also be an opportunity to podcast and publish about your experiences.

Who do I contact to get involved?
If you are interested in working with us on this project, please email us using the subject line ‘Student Diary Study’.

Learn More:

You can learn more about your participation in the project in the participant information sheet – please get in touch if you would like a copy or have any further questions about the study.

Additionally, you can review the consent form for the project in advance.