Library Work Stream

Decolonising DMU: Library and Learning Services work stream focusses on four main areas of development:

Our Collection  

  • Decolonising the Library collection:  
  • We are working to broaden both printed and virtual resources to reflect the diverse University Community. By adding more voices, narratives and histories to our collections we can enable students to see themselves reflected in their reading lists and research. 
  •  Librarians help academics to seek out and promote more diverse authors and texts. 
  • Library has purchased some specific e-book collections available via Library Search 
  • We continue to expand our leisure reading collection to better reflect DMU’s student profile, enhancing access to a variety of cultural experiences, genres and worlds.  
  • A workshop around decolonising the reading list has been developed. Several guides and tools are available to inspire discussions and co-create the process of decolonising the reading list. 

Our Spaces 

  • Developing more culturally aware Library spaces and services. With the help of a DMU Frontrunner we are researching the Library and Learning Services experiences of DMU Students with a particular focus on that of Students of Colour. Data from this research will help inform future planning of spaces and services, helping to reduce barriers to accessing and making the most of our services and ensure more culturally aware spaces. We are seeking to build on this work and will be offering a Frontrunner role for this purpose Oct 2021 – March 2022. 

3. Our Workforce 

  • We are working to develop a more diverse workforce in Library and Learning Services.  
  • We have reviewed our recruitment practices to make them more equitable and culturally aware. Engagement in professional training and development is encouraged for all staff enabling potential progression and developing a pipeline for new staff. 
  • We optimise developmental opportunities for students to work in LLS. Roles range from Frontrunner posts (Researching services and spaces, working with the student mentoring scheme, developing learning objects and manipulating data) through to volunteer projects within our Archives and special collections.  
  • An exciting opportunity is available from August 2021 – July 2022 when we are hoping to have a Library Trainee working in the library. This role will provide a DMU graduate with experience of working in an academic library, experience to enable progression into library (see CILIP:  Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals  , Cilip BAME Network ) or other allied professions. Due to a lack of representation of People of Colour in the Library profession DMU Graduates of Colour will be strongly encouraged to apply for this role. Look out for this opportunity on MyGateway around April/May time.  

4. Our Awareness  

  • Raising awareness with Kimberlin Sessions and Read to debate: 
  • Kimberlin Sessions:  programme the sharing of experiences, good practice, inviting discussion and a call to action in helping to develop an anti-racist University. Speakers are from DMU, other H E Institutions or professions and the local community. 
  • Read to Debate: An opportunity for staff and students to come together and discuss a selection of relevant material around the subject and experience of decolonising within H.  E. Stimulus materials are provided and people are invited to read, think and reflect on the implications and connections offered by this material with their experience and practice within H E. Read to debate meetings offer a forum for individuals to then share their thoughts and think about their practice. For more background? DDMU Read to Debate resource list  for all Read to Debate materials. 
  • Sharing our practice by speaking at conferences and engaging in  various professional forum.  

Decolonising the Curriculum Collection

Library and Learning Services are pleased to announce the purchase of a dedicated e-book collection focussing on decolonising the curriculum. This follows hot on the heels of the University’s launch of “Decolonising DMU”. In seeking to decolonise we are creating an anti-racist university which allows all to succeed and which celebrates the rich diversity and heritage of DMU. This demands involvement of the whole of the institution, an exploration of the narratives, resources, images, processes and environment of the University, ensuring all of our University community is reflected in the whole Institution. With this in mind those wishing to explore the issues, research and debates surrounding decolonising the curriculum can dip into this new e-book collection

View the Decolonising the Curriculum Collection.

For more details about collections and resources including tools for decolonising your reading list see

Decolonising the Library – Past Events

 Kimberlin Session: Reflections of an Asian Football Casual, Riaz Khan. 2 February 2021

 Riaz Khan discussed his lived experience as a young man in Leicester during times of the National Front and racism. After seeing the rise of the far right on the terraces, he wrote a book disrupting stereotypes about Asian, predominately Pakistani, men. His intention was to educate people through his own experience detailing how as an Asian youth he assimilated and became part of a subculture that broke down many racial barriers.   

In collaboration with the University of Leicester, we held a thought-provoking online programme of sessions, centring on the reasons, practices and processes of Decolonising academic libraries in June 2020

Narnia Must Fall: people of colour in children’s literature. A DDMU Kimberlin session delivered by Leila Rasheed, RLFF (DMU) and Children’s Author, January 13th 2020

For more details about collections and resources including tools for decolonising your reading list see

Meet the Library student Frontrunner

My name is Mariana David and I am currently the frontrunner for the Library and Learning Services. I am a third-year student studying International Relations and Politics. Juggling my studies and this internship has a challenge, but one I would never change. I joined the project in October 2020 and have learnt a number of news skills which will be very useful when pursuing my dream of becoming a foreign correspondent for a reputable News Channel.

Previous library work