Institution Work Stream

The Institution work stream aims to provide the foundations that are required to enable the Library, Staff and Student work streams to succeed. It will look at institutional processes and practices that are required to enact change, and consider issues that impact on staff and students alike. The breadth of this workstream spans from simple changes, through to changing practices that have evolved over decades, and which will take time to change as the journey of decolonisation takes place.

For example, our students have told us that simple changes to our practices can make big differences to their sense of belonging, and this remains true for our staff. We will therefore continue to look at issues such as how we represent the contribution of the global majority on and around DMU, from art work through to who we award honourary degrees to.

Crucial to success are the governance arrangements to both support change and monitor progress. Therefore the processes through which we quality assure our work will be reviewed and changed, from academic quality processes to performance reporting of faculties and directorates.

Our institutional knowledge and data will be developed in this workstream, for example ensuring that student retention and outcome information is available and used, and staff promotions and recruitment data allows for progress to be tracked.

The spaces, places and opportunities that the university provides will be looked at. This includes accommodation, services – commercial and support, and development opportunities for both staff and students.

Finally, crucially important, is the development of our understanding of what decolonising means for us, for DMU. We will develop the debate, build our communication and engagements, and provide opportunities for colleagues and students alike to discuss, understand and take action to create an anti-racist university.