Decolonising DMU Podcast

The Decolonising DMU podcast delves different aspects of the work undertaken by the Decolonising DMU project at De Montfort University. This includes examining student experiences of HE, staff perspectives on teaching and research cultures and also the work of professional services such as Welfare, Library and Learning Services and Admissions.

Each month Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu, a Fair Outcome Champion who works on the project interviews/chats with colleagues and students to examine changes at DMU and discuss and reflect upon changes to UK Higher Education and society.

Each episode, explores different issues with a range of interviewees.

Decolonising Education Studies Decolonising DMU

This episodes explores the impact of Eurocentric curricula in Education Studies and in education generally. Senior Lecturer, Rik Kennedy and Dr Motje Wolf from De Montfort University explain how they have been making their modules inclusive and offering opportunities to hear other narratives in order to decolonise their learning and teaching and how this is equipping and empowering their students for careers in education. There is also a concentration on how music is taught to young children in schools.
  1. Decolonising Education Studies
  2. Decolonising The Library
  3. Decolonising in professional services
  4. Decolonising History
  5. Decolonising Law