Friday’s Session

Research Centres and Institutes Audit Tool 

Lucy Ansley, Paris Connelly and Richard Hall

The self-audit tool aims to support research centres and institutes at DMU (and wider) to look at their research and related activities with a decolonising lens. It is a tool to enable centre and institute teams to reflect on their practices/ activities and to develop their own objectives or even strategic plans around decolonising. 

In this session, we will discuss the development of the tool, walk through it’s use and provide teams with some ideas of how best to put the tool to use within their own centres and institutes. 

Session slides can be accessed here

Read to debate: Ethnicity, Class, Higher Education and belonging

Kaye Towlson and Sumeya Loonat

An opportunity to read and discuss materials provided and then consider and discuss in terms of your practice, our service and the student experience   

In advance of the session please read:  

Working the Borderlands: working-class students constructing hybrid identities and asserting their place in higher education  

Crozier, J., Reay, D. and Clayton, J. (2019), British Journal of Sociology of Education   

Learning from the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) university students who withdraw from their undergraduate degree

Kauser, S., Yaqoob, S., Cook, A. et al. (2021), SN Social Sciences    

And view on Youtube:  

Akala | Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire | Equity Talks 

Ash Sarkar meets Akala (2018)

Session slides can be accessed here