Many universities are engaging in work to Decolonise the curriculum, however, the notion of Decolonising the institution has been adopted by only a handful. Our previous work, through Freedom to Achieve, identified that a focus on the curriculum alone is too narrow and so we are taking a bold step in looking to engage in a broader process of Decolonisation across the whole institution. This demonstrates our commitment to directly tackling racial disadvantage and discrimination within the sector.

We have drafted a position paper for our work.

Decolonising DMU definition

We are at the beginning of a journey

There is both an appetite and need in the Higher Education sector to re-imagine how universities can deal with wider histories of exclusion/erasure and challenges of inequality in the present. The process of Decolonising seeks to create a positive vision of education guided by a philosophy that is based on the contributions of a global population, humanity and democracy.

Decolonising DMU will be a powerful, challenging and substantive step forward to realising DMU’s vision as an institution that is fully inclusive and socially progressive.

Meet the team

Meet the members of the Decolonising DMU team.

Meet the team